Maya Rolston

Maya Rolston


BSc (Nutrition, Anutr), MSc (Sport & Exercise Nutrition, SENr)

Maya works with a range of clients to enable them to discover their unique version of health. She believes Nutrition is integral to boosting physical and mental performance in day to day life, work or in sport & exercise. She embodies a balanced approach to food & nutrition, promoting a healthy relationship with food and body image. Maya provides clients with an individualised approach to nutrition, by gaining understanding of the broad picture of their life. Through this she guides her clients to integrate positive long-term habits, and ensure they are gaining understanding of how to manage their nutrition and health. 

Maya has supported numerous clients through goals such as weight loss, muscle gain/weight gain, improvements to a health markers to reduce the risk of disease, or just to feel better! However, Maya does not believe that everyone needs a specific goal, whatever your life looks like, there are always improvements that could be made. With athletes, Maya assesses the physical demands of their sport and training schedule, and provides specialised nutritional input to maximise all elements of physical and cognitive performance. Maya works with teenagers (16+) and adults, providing realistic targets, consistent support and practical guidance, to ensure success in all areas.  

Maya is a British trained nutritionist & sport & exercise nutritionist, who was born and raised in Hong Kong. She completed all of her schooling at international schools in HK, before leaving to study in the UK for 4 years. Maya Studied Nutrition (BSc) at Sheffield Hallam university, followed by a masters in sport & exercise Nutrition at Oxford Brooke's University (Anutr) (SENr). Maya compliments her nutritional qualifications with a extensive sporting background, whether that be as an active competitor, or more recently a strength & conditioning coach.


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