Holistic or 'Energy' kinesiology is a natural and informative therapy that blends the wisdom of Eastern medicine with Western muscle monitoring and biofeedback techniques. This style of kinesiology is used to assess and identify any imbalance within the subtle anatomy — that which encompasses the meridian system of traditional Chinese medicine, the chakra system of traditional Ayurvedic medicine, and several other energy bodies that are required to be flowing normally for us to experience optimal health and wellbeing in our physical, mental and emotional aspects. 

Throughout our lives, stressors faced that are unable to be immediately overcome may create an imbalance in the subtle anatomy, which can, over time, impact normal physical and/or mental wellbeing. This 'record' of stress creates energetic blocks (or obstacles) that can manifest in a myriad of ways that create discomfort. Sometimes, these blocks may remain 'quiet' yet still lead to a feeling of being 'stuck' or unable to move forwards in life without knowing why — perhaps showing up as repeated unhelpful behavioural patterns despite a conscious desire to change.

These 'issues in the tissues' are the 'record' of a stressor, and it is these that disrupt the natural flow of prana/chi. However, by 'asking the right questions', then testing and measuring the muscle response, these flow inhibitors can be identified and corrected, along with the corresponding emotional (or other) insights gained as to what the original cause of the disruption was — even when it was in the distant past. It is then up to the client to reflect on what has come up in the session and work with their kinesiologist (or another suitable person) to construct a personal strategy to avoid a recurrence in future.

Before this happens, however, a correction and rebalancing technique will be required during the session. This may involve acupoint therapy, acupressure, reflex point therapy, essences, insight reflection and/or other energy balancing tools including Reiki or advanced energetic healing methods. This allows the block to be relieved and/or removed so that the flow of chi/prana is no longer inhibited and the client can move forwards — sometimes this is a subtle effect and other times it shows up as a more dramatic shift. 

As holistic kinesiology is a drug-free, non-invasive and painless technique, it can be safely used alongside other therapies as well as on its own. Whilst many come to a session to help with decision making, moving forwards, or overcoming personal obstacles and challenges, it can also be used to assess the subtle anatomy's role in any ‘condition’ you may be experiencing, at any time — whether physical, mental/emotional or spiritual.

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