Sleep disturbances from an osteopathic perspective

In today’s society, many people find themselves suffering with some type of sleep disorder or disturbance. Difficulty getting to sleep, waking up frequently, or having poor quality rest are all signs of affected sleep. The cause is often multifactorial, but can be contributed by factors such as stress, anxiety and pain.

Here's how to read a Nutrition Label

As a nutritionist I encourage my clients to minimise the intake of processed foods and give priority to real foods in the form of fresh vegetables and fruits, wholesome grains, good quality protein and healthy fats. Nevertheless, our lifestyle sometimes gives us no choice but to rely on readily available foods. That's why it is important to understand how to read labels in order to make informed decisions and choose healthier options.

Symptoms of Stress

How do you know you’re stressed? That might seem like an odd thing to ask — after all isn’t it obvious? For some people, yes, but it’s not necessarily the case. In fact, I meet many people who I can clearly see are experiencing the effects of stress but who are either unaware, in denial, or they are simply choosing to ‘push through’, often not realising there are things you can do to help support yourself and feel more in control once more — some that are really easy.

La French Radio: Podcast on Functional Medicine with Damien Mouellic

Here's a podcast for all of the French speakers! Osteopath Damien Mouellic chats with Catya Martin on La French Radio about Functional Medicine. An approach to medicine that first of all identifies the root cause of the problem, to then provide the best care for the patient.

Velveteen Covid 19 Relief

The amazing team over at Velveteen is stepping up to help the community during these challenging times. We are delighted to share this thoughtful message from Velveteen’s Founder, Laura Egloff, about the charity they’re supporting and how you can get involved!
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