Depression And Bipolar

Depression And Bipolar

Many of you will have experienced the quick action of Homeopathy: how the correct Homeopathic remedy can bring down a fever, clear up a sore throat, relieve a chesty cough, or soothe a restless child. However, many people forget that Homeopathic remedies also helpful with mental symptoms such as panic attacks and depression or bipolar disorder when sufferers experience extreme states of optimism and energy alternating with deep troughs of anxiety, depression and exhaustion.  

One of the major benefits of Homeopathic medicine is that it can be taken alongside conventional treatment without any adverse affect on the original medication. This is helpful for those who are already taking anti-depressants or anti-psychoticdrugs as Homeopathy can help rebalance the mental emotional state gently without side-effects whilst still under medication.  Clients can experience long lasting benefits to their mental health whilst at the same time improving their general health. * 

Here is just one example of how effectively and gently Homeopathy can work:-

Recently I saw a gentlemen who had suffered from episodes of bipolar disorder for much of his Life.  He came to see me with his wife after the most recent crisis when his psychiatric  medication did not seem to be helping much.  He found it difficult to travel on the MTR as being in crowds made him anxious and agitated, attending gatherings of family and  friends was also difficult as he could not tolerate loud noise, even watching news on television made him angry and upset. 

After an hour's consultation with him during which I noted down his medical history, current symptoms, diet, lifestyle, and personality I chose a Homeopathic remedy for him to take  in water daily. After 2 months and 2 follow up sessions William felt much better . In fact he had travelled to the clinic on his own, had not experienced any anxiety on the MTR and was  now able to participate in social events without distress.  He felt he had returned to normality.  This was confirmed by another close family member who had noticed a large  improvement in his mental stability. 

His testimonial is below:-

"My depression problem started about thirty years ago and it hit me several times.  Every time I consulted my psychiatric doctor, he prescribed me some medicine and I recovered thereafter periodically, but my moods have been fluctuating and fragile.This illness hit me again last year in great extent due to some big life changes and events.  I saw my  psychiatric doctor, but this time the medicine did not help.  One of my friends suggested to me to consult Ms Mina. Weight, who is a Registered Homeopath.  

On the first visit Mina did a very thorough investigation on the history of my problem and understanding of my daily practices, then she prescribed a homeopathic remedy to me.   Whenever necessary I emailed and updated her about my condition and she gave me advice on what to do with the remedy.  Mina is very supportive indeed.  My condition gradually  improved thereafter without any side effects.  After several visits to her my depression problem was remedied.  I am happy to conclude that homeopathic treatment done by Mina could  give me a full recovery and I am very grateful to her."

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