For a lot of people, a healthier lifestyle, has to do with either losing weight or eating healthily, changing to healthier life balance and relationships. This can seem difficult or out of reach at first, but with a bit of motivation, dedication and discipline it is certainly possible.

1. Physical health  -

Your Health is your top responsibility, healthy mind and soul can reside in healthy body.

If you have chronic symptoms, regular colds, flues,  sneezing every morning -  it could be due to underlying environmental allergies.

If you have other chronic symptoms, arthritis, diabetic condition,  chronic fatigue,  aches and pains it could be due to inflammations and food intolerances.  In new year take time to look at the root cause of your health conditions, amongst various different approaches to address these -  you can try Whole HealthCare therapy BodyTalk to help you strengthen your body’s communication networks to optimize your health and address underlying causative factors. BodyTalk treatments address underlying allergies and intolerances effective by desensitizing your body to allergen frequency  by working it through the meridian system.

2. Improve your quality of sleep –

Several people are affected by sleeping disorders these days.  With our high stress life style Insomnia is very common.

Insomnia could be any of these symptoms – busy mind difficult to switch off, due to which takes hours to fall asleep, waking up in middle of nights and difficult to fall back to sleep, sleeping through the night and waking up tired and exhausted as body cannot shift into deeper levels of sleep - Delta and Theta mind levels.

Sleeping disorder can contribute to other diseases and health conditions such as Depression, ADHD, Fibromyalgia, pain, asthma etc. So it is important to address your sleeping issues .

Here are few simple tips

  • Stick to the same bedtime and wake up time
  • Practice a relaxing bedtime ritual – switch off your gadgets, TV, computer, phones, X box etc. one hour before bed time.
  • Avoid bright light to help manage your circadian rhythms
  • Do the cortices technique to help you relax and balance your brain before sleeping.

3. Diet and nutrition –

You are what you eat. So with new year clean up your diet which will make such a big difference to how you feel in your body, your clarity of mind, your energy levels, you mood swings and the way you deal with stress. Food craving are most of the time what your gut micro biome (friendly Bacteria) is craving. BodyTalk treatments (besides taking probiotics) work intensively with balancing gut bacteria and micro biome community which impacts your assimilation of mineral, vitamins and nutrition from food you eat, as many a times your deficiency could be due to your gut bacteria imbalance which enables digestion of nutrition and minerals in body. As well your gut bacteria when not functioning well will fail to activate Dopamine, and neurophines (mood stabilizer hormones) in gut. With our high stress life style Insomnia is very common.

4. Weight loss –

Over weight and not feeling good in your body could be impacting your confidence and how to feel about yourself.

Weight loss – obvious strategies that you may know – eating whole food, instead of processed food, avoiding high sugar food and co-borated drinks, alcohol etc.   

Exercise and Fitness the second rule for weight loss.  You may know all this already and want to implement these and change your life style.  

But many a time people are emotional eaters,  stress triggers them into fight and flight mode and there brain gets in switching mode,  ( where  brain is simply switches off due to overload of stress) this leads them into self destructive behavior – overindulging in food, alcohol and comfort food eating.  This is so common in Hong Kong which is high stress  and high speed society.

BodyTalk Access (1 day self help program ) provides you with simple tools that you can look after your stress levels (preventing your brain from getting into switching mode, despite of high environmental stress)
Click here to Check out details

5. Emotional health –

People who are emotionally healthy are in control of their emotions and their behavior. They are able to handle life’s challenges, build strong relationships, and recover from setbacks.

Emotional health refers to your overall psychological well-being.

People who are emotionally healthy have:

  • A sense of contentment.
  • The ability to deal with stress and bounce back from adversity.
  • The flexibility to learn new things and adapt to change.
  • A balance between work and play, rest and activity, etc.
  • Self-confidence and high self-esteem.

Red flag feeling and behavior’s that may require immediate attention

  • Inability to sleep
  • Feeling down, hopeless or helpless most of the time
  • Concentration problems
  • Using nicotine, food, drugs, or alcohol to cope with difficult emotions
  • Negative or self –destructive thoughts or fear that you cant control
  • Thoughts of death or suicide.

Risk factors that can compromise mental and emotional health:

  • Poor connection with your primary caretaker early in life. Feeling lonely, isolated, unsafe, confused, or abused as an infant or young child.
  • Traumas or serious losses, especially early in life. Death of a parent or other traumatic experiences such as war or hospitalization.
  • Learned helplessness. Negative experiences that lead to a belief that you’re helpless and that you have little control over the situations in your life.
  • Illness, especially when it’s chronic, disabling, or isolates you from others.
  • Side effects of medications, especially in older people who may be taking a variety of medications.
  • Substance abuse. Alcohol and drug abuse can both cause mental health problems and make preexisting mental or emotional problems worse.

Whatever internal or external factors have shaped your mental and emotional health, it’s never too late to make changes that will improve your psychological well-being. 

Emotions and memories were stored in body tissue by neuropeptides. Using  BodyTalk Active Memory technique,  which works with the body to disassociate, neutralize, and unhook emotions stored in the connective tissue. The emotions are retrieved through neuromuscular feedback to bring them out of the tissue, then are sent downward toward the intestines to be “digested”, and processed. BodyTalk treatments work effectively in addressing and releasing all emotional stressors thus balancing mental and emotional health.

6. Dealing with stress – Stress is the most common factor in each one’s life.

Stress is the top most underlying factor for all diseases – physical, mental, emotional and relationship problems. 
Stress could be

  • environmental stress -  work, studies, performance etc.
  • chemical stress – my chemicals, preservent, hormones and sugars and artificial stimulants, etc from our diet as well as medications
  • stress in relationships
  • stress from disturbance of Electro magnetic field, radiations and Wi Fi ‘s in our environment.

Each one perceives life through there belief systems, perceptions and therefore each one of us reacts to these stimulus of external stressor with different intensity. 

BodyTalk is a consciousness based modality which works effectively with addressing the belief systems, perceptions, past experiences which amplify our reaction to stress.  It helps body to rewire to harmonious balance of getting body out of Sympathetic  (fight /flight mechanism ) and restoring Parasympathetic (repair and growth ) nervous system.

7. Prioritizing your life – setting your goals

It is crucial that you set your life priorities eg. with your work – what are goals you what to achieve and what is the price you are willing to pay in terms of effort, work hours , dedication and discipline.  Similarly in your personal life – what are your priorities -  fitness, social life, family time, personal growth,  developing your hobbies.  Arranging your time for these priorities of your life so you can maintain balance of your life and not get side tracked and carried away with less important things in life and time waters such as access of TV or gaming etc. 

8. Self Analysis - Nurturing your soul

Once you have set goal and priorities of your than it is also important to do self analysis on how you are doing with paying price of your time, effort, discipline and dedication to what you want to achieve and results you are getting. Do brief self analysis of your day every night before sleeping and self analysis and planning every week.  

Nurturing your soul is crucial as you nurture your body with food each day. This could be any regime that connects you with your soul, gets your grounded, get you in present moment. It could meditation, spending time in nature, spending time to look within on what is bothering you.

MindScape workshop is the excellent tool to provide you –  tools to get into relaxed state of mind (alpha mind) and enhance your intuition, creativity and mind power to address your conflicts in life, brain storm ideas and strategies, develop your hobbies, strengthen your memory and mind power for best performance at work, studies, sports and all aspects of your life.

This is best tool you can give to your self to make your self shine in all aspects of your life.   Chick here to Check out details on MindScape seminar.

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