Holiday Health

Holiday Health

As the end of the term is approaching the whole family is getting excited about the summer holidays. Mother's minds are planning what to pack, and how to keep everyone happy on holiday.

However there maybe a few members of your family who don't like flying or who regularly suffer from motion sickness and if you are travelling half way around the world all the family will suffer from jet-lag. What helpful remedies should you pack?

If you missed the recent talk at Woodlands Montessori school in Repulse Bay i can share with you a few of my top remedies for your vacation:-

  1. Arnica Montana - Leopard's bane, mountain tobacco

 The No1 remedy you should never forget when travelling is humble mountain plant ARNICA Montana - it helps relax you on the plane to help you sleep and at your destination you can take it before bed and during the night if you wake, it should help you and the whole family recover from jet-lag quicker.

This remedy is commonly used for bruised sore muscles after over doing it at the gym, or for shock and bruising after an accident.

Never forget to take Arnica before or after any kind of operation as it helps shock, bruising, and prevents adhesions developing. 

      2. Aconite Napellus - Monk's-hood, Wolf's bane

Your first remedy for swore throats and runny noses after getting chilled in air conditioning, or a cold dry wind and shock;

This remedy is great for panic and palpitations so if anyone in the family hates flying try this remedy. Indicated for any situation which produces such feelings of anxiety and fear. 

      3. Cocculus Indicus - India berry, Levant Nut

This remedy is one of the most useful remedies for travel sickness. It's symptom picture includes dizziness, nausea, vomiting and diarrhoea.

If you are worse for movement, sitting up and fresh air but better for lying down you might want to try this one.

Also helpful for exhaustion with headaches after lack of sleep or irregular sleep, therfore this could come in handy if Arnica doesn't help much.

How to take Homeopathis medicine

  • Dose - 30C 1 pill to be taken when needed or up to 3-4 pills in 24hours.
  • Stop when your feeling better
  • Take 20 minutes before or after anything by mouth including water.
  • Place under or on top of the toungue and allow to dissolve.

Of course the Homeopathic pharmacology contains thousands of remedies so if the above remedies don't work, don't dispair and give up on Homeopathy because it's just that you did not take the correct remedy for your particular symptoms and you should seek proffessional Homeopathic help. 

All Homeopathic medicines are safe for everyone even newborn babies and the elderly. Remember that through their unique method of manufacture there is no material substance left in dilution abouve 12C yet they still work if the correct remedy is given.

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