TOP TIPS  for Keeping your Family Healthy and Happy this Autumn

TOP TIPS for Keeping your Family Healthy and Happy this Autumn

Starting a new school year can be difficult for everyone in the family after a long summer break. In Hong Kong we have to cope with the transient expat population ie the loss of good friends , a hot, humid and polluted environment ie allergies, heat rashes, eczema, asthma and an unrelenting work and study ethic ie anxiety, insomnia.

So what advice as a veteran Homeopath can I give to young families settling their children into school here? What types of problems can be helped with Homeopathic medicine? And how can you keep your families’ as happy and healthy as possible?

We all know that eating a healthy balanced diet full off fresh fruit and vegetables and low in refined sugar, is fundamental. Keeping hydrated is a must. The next most important aspect to maintaining Health is getting enough sleep!


1)   SLEEP

We all function much better with a good nights’ sleep. Children of all ages are no different. Obviously we want to encourage our children to go to sleep on their own, without any form of medicine, but if they tend to get overexcited at bedtime, have overactive minds, are anxious or jetlagged the following remedies may help to settle them down:-

Common SLEEP remedies include: Arnica , Chamomilla,

Arnica Montana:

  • NO 1 remedy after an accident of any kind ;
  • pre and post operations or childbirth

This humble mountain plant I have also found to be helpful for jet lag, and restless sleep.

Chamomilla :

  • Teething problems
  • Fevers
  • Difficult, irritable behaviour
  • Diarrhoea/colic often accompanying teething
(NB: remember Homeopathic medicine is not addictive, nor causes side effects. If the above remedies don’t help consult a professional Homeopath to prescribe the correct remedy for your child.)



Classrooms which are too cold or too warm are a breeding ground for germs so children often come home during those first few weeks of a new term, with runny noses and sore throats. There are a number of Homeopathic remedies which you should consider giving as soon as your child complains of any of these symptoms:

Ferrum Phos:

  • first stages of inflammation especially indicated for sore throats
  • low grade fevers


  • sudden onset of fever, cough, colds after exposure to cold draughts
  • panic and anxiety with restlessness
  • hot. dry and thirsty


  • sudden very high fever with red face and dilated pupils
  • headache, earache, tonsillitis
  • restless, aggressive, delirious
  • hands and feet can feel cold but body hot
  • thirsty

The remedies mentioned above are for First Aid situations only. Remember if the remedy does not help to bring a fever down within a few hours, use standard medication or consult your general practitioner or Homeopathic physician.

If however your child is constantly succumbing to every virus or bacterial infection Homeopathy can help restore your child’s immunity. Homeopathic medicines for chronic conditions, such as poor immunity, are prescribed for the individual.

The correct Homeopathic medicine for your child, is selected by considering your child’s complete medical history, current symptoms and any mental or emotional issues. This “constitutional” remedy will not only boost immunity and energy, but will also help them to cope better with Life’s challenges.



For teenagers entering the pressured years of exams here are a couple of remedies which may help:


  • flu – drowsiness, dullness and aching
  • anxiety, exam nerves, stage fright
  • trembling, weakness, exhaustion

Argentum nitricum

  • hurried, anxious, irritable before exams
  • craves sweets
  • diarrhoea before events


For First Aid acute use I recommend using 30c potencies, taking 1 or 2 pills every 8 hours for 24 -48 hours. Stop taking when much better, if no effect change the remedy. For fevers, the recommended remedies can be taken once every hour for up to 3 doses and if correct, will bring the temperature down within 30 minutes.

NB Remember to take nothing by mouth 20 mins prior to taking the medicine and 20 mins after.

There are many other physical and mental problems in which Homeopathy can effectively trigger the patient’s self healing abilities. Ranging from common skin problems which commonly occur in Hong Kong such as Molluscum contagiosum, eczema, plantar warts, to chronic headaches, constipation,menstrual problems, panic attacks and depression.

If none of the suggested remedies make any difference, remember Homeopathy has a Pharmacology of over 3000 remedies. If the incorrect prescription is given there won’t be any improvement to the symptoms, so a different remedy will need to be prescribed.

Make a FREE 15min appointment with our professional Homeopath who will be happy to discuss your child’s particular problem with you and advise whether Homeopathy is the best approach. Or email Mina directly : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



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