When does Neurokinesiology make the difference?

When does Neurokinesiology make the difference?

The Human being is a whole, much more than just body and mind. The Human being can suffer from physical illness and discomfort, emotional and psychological trauma, unwanted behavior patterns, spiritual distress. Everybody experiences it at some point.

Neurokinesiology addresses all these troubles, to restore a dynamic vital balance leading to optimal health.

How does it work?

By finding the emotional reason(s) hiding behind an issue and releasing the subsequent energetic blockage(s).

Through muscle testing, neurokinesiology:

  • recognizes and localizes energetic blockages in the physical and energetic body,
  • makes the link with the emotional/psychological causes behind the blockage,
  • releases the energetical blockage that hinders a person’s healthy balance, by applying a de-stressing protocol, mainly based on acupressure points or on Indian traditional medicine approaches. No medication and no needles are needed.

Some interesting examples:

Migraines and headaches are extremely common, but can be caused by a variety of factors. Neurokinesiology can help find the cause behind the symptom, e.g. making a link between headaches and fear of the future for one person, or between headaches and childhood traumas for another person.

Because Neurokinesiology is able to identify and work on the root cause, it can help with many issues like addictions, depression, chronic fatigue, digestive, hormonal and respiratory conditions, learning and memory difficulties, after surgery recovery.

Why does it work?

The body remembers everything, and does not lie when queried. Neurokinesiology interrogates the body, and finds the specific way to release each person’s blockages.

When the stress is unblocked, the body finds the energy for its own healing process.

Some complementary approaches like osteopathy, physiotherapy, nutritional support, counselling may accelerate the healing process.

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