Bioresonance, an incredible innovation for the future of medicine?

How does the Biospect device work?

What to expect during a session


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  Bioresonance, an incredible innovation for the future of medicine

Bioresonance is a therapy that uses electromagnetic frequency to measure imbalances in the body.  These measurements are then calculated to come up with an outcome that is used to evaluate and treat conditions in the body.  The therapy is gentle, not intrusive, and does not require any chemicals.

It focuses on the root cause of an issue rather than trying to suppress symptoms. It is based on gently sending healthy frequencies to the body for the cells to resonate and retune into their healthy vibrations. This process will allow the body to strongly recover its innate power to restore its balance and heal.

      Central & Stanley Wellness uses a device called Biospect. It is designed to perform the following:

  • 20-30 minutes scan to identify and sort by order of priority the imbalances in the body (diseases, pathologies, discomforts). Multiple layers scan (including cellular and DNA levels) identifies almost instantly the root causes of an issue including, viruses, bacteria, parasites, fungus, stones, pinched nerves, energy blockages, hormonal imbalances, food intolerances, allergies, cholesterol, all kind of toxins (heavy metals…), DNA markers, etc…
  • Emotional scan to identify up to 130 emotions trapped in the body and emitting harmful vibrations
  • Ability to send treatments, including counter frequency, that cancels out harmful toxins and conditions smooth detoxification process and healthy frequencies for the body to tune in to
  • It has proven to slow down the spread of multiple severe chronic conditions even if these come from the DNA level (Diabetes, autoimmune diseases, etc…)
  • Great results especially with neurological disorders (Multiple sclerosis, Parkinson, ADHD kids).
  • Works well in conjunction with conventional medicine, helps alleviate pain, and boosts the immune system, especially in case of strong medical treatment (i.e chemotherapy)
  • One single session is often what is needed for an acute problem. Chronic conditions may require several sessions over a period of time
  • Please find more details on Biospect machine in this intro video HERE
  • It's the only authentic device available in Hong Kong allowing the person treated to follow live on a screen the scan journey within the body, and treatments during a session
  • Home appointments are available



What to expect during a session


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