“In my past life I was...”

Why Past Life Regression can be a door of Insight, Awakening and Knowing our True Nature of our Existence.

Have you ever wondered why you have that fear of drowning? Have you ever wondered why you keep attracting the same type of man or woman in your life? Have you ever met people and realised an instant connection and usually followed by a phrase, “I feel like we have met before, maybe in a previous lifetime?”

All these questions and more can be the answered by investing your time and energy into Past Life Regression (PLR). This form of therapy known as PLR is the fastest process for your mind to find the solutions to the blockages/fears that prevent you from moving forward in this lifetime.

The roots of PLR are connected to the Hindu philosophy of karma and the Buddhist belief in reincarnation. Being a Hindu and growing up in Hong Kong, I realise there is some meaning when my parents use to warn me as a child that “son, if you cheat people or kill an ant, you will become one in your next life.” Usually, that would work in refraining from myself from mischief but there can be actual truth to this too.

PLR has numerous benefits but usually, in the West, it can be essentially a purely psychological process but when it is done in the East in ancient times, the therapy goes deeper into the roots and it is a fully spiritual experience. There is no science or logic involved because your mind and body are locked in a ‘trance’. In this trance, you are in a ‘theta’ brain waves state where you are neither awake or neither asleep. This is the borderline state of being between the conscious and subconscious. Being in the theta brain waves state throughout the PLR session, allows the client to go beyond the mind and have deep and profound learning, healing and growth.

If you tell a conscious person in their 40s to remember what they did on 11th January 1983 they would usually not have a clue and may not even remember what they did a few days ago. If you ask the same person, when they are in a ‘trance’ they will be able to tell you utmost details not just about what they did in the day but if there was tea that they had, they can reveal the type of tea, the person who poured it and how the tea was in the taste. PLR is a very advanced level of hypnosis and goes beyond the conscious mind.

An effective and fruitful PLR program with a skilled guide can result in numerous benefits such as overcoming fears, cutting cords with karmic patterns that impact you in this life, manifesting your deepest desires, healing trauma, a deeper connection and emotional release for ourselves, feelings of awakening, clarity in your thinking and valuing the relationships with loved ones.

When a client agrees with a PLR session, a thorough screening process is done. At times in PLR, we visit childhood scenes and this can usually trigger certain reactions that may cause anxiety or stress. A person with no pre-diagnosed mental illness would be ok in those situations where some distressing scenes are revealed either from childhood or from a previous life. They are able to sit with it and usually by acknowledgment, shedding tears, and being open in emotion can lead to healing and advancement in their lives.

It is like a game of hide and seek, if you have sought the person and found them, the game is over. In the same way in PLR, once you have found the root cause of the fear, it usually dissolves itself.

If a person has been diagnosed with anxiety or depression, usually a PLR session is not recommended as there can be some scenes that would trigger the anxiousness further and if the ‘trance’ is broken without proper guidance then the effects can be worse than when you first started PLR.

It is also highly recommended for a client that in the pre-talk interview where you reveal your story and your intention for PLR, that they feel welcomed and heard with no judgment by the practitioner. PLR is an open process between the practitioner and the client where there is a lot of vulnerability, trust and confidentiality that must be respected. Therefore, it is recommended for clients to read testimonials and reviews of the practitioner before beginning.

Central Wellness offers thorough, trustworthy and nurturing Past Life Regression programs. Let us collaboratively work on your fears, trauma and open the door for personal healing, growth and immense insight.


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Dino Hira

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