Good nutrition forms the basis of health and wellbeing. It can help you maintain a healthy weight, reduce the risk of developing chronic diseases, support a healthy mood and increase vitality.

Our Nutritionists Sandra Carvajal and Puja Kumari work with clients, successfully using nutrition and lifestyle changes as effective tools to facilitate weight control, enhance gut health, strengthen the immune system, fight stress, anxiety, and depression, improve migraines, control allergies, and to obtain the overall long-lasting benefits of a balanced diet and a better life.

Feeling constantly bloated? Need to lower your cholesterol or manage your weight? Book a call with one of our nutritionists and let's work on it!

Choose your custom program, according to your health needs and preferences

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Service Practitioners

Sandra Carvajal, R.H.N.

Sandra Carvajal, R.H.N.

Yoga Teacher - Yogalimbs - 2009 Health Coach - IIN - 2013 A.A.D.P. Certification (from American Association of Drugless Practitioners) Natural Nutrition Certificate - 2018 R.H.N. Denomination (Register Holistic Nutritionistâ„¢)
Puja Kumari

Puja Kumari

PGD (Clinical Nutrition), ISSA Certified Nutritionist, AFPA Certified Holistic Nutritionist, CMA Registered Practitioner (MCMA), Lifestyle Medicine: Nutrition and the Metabolic Syndrome from Harvard Medical School, AADP Holistic Health Practitioner

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