10 Practitioner Tips to Stay Energised This Autumn

10 Practitioner Tips to Stay Energised This Autumn

Are you tired of feeling tired? Here are some tips from our practitioners to boost your energy naturally this season.


1. Stop hitting snooze

Do you find that when you silence your alarm to catch a few extra Z’s, your body doesn’t actually benefit from those extra winks of sleep? Getting up at the same time every day—withour hitting snooze—might be the key to waking up more energised. For some of us, the alarm is going off when we are in REM sleep, one of the most restorative stages of sleep. Once REM sleep is interrupted, you don’t immediately return to the same stage, so those extra ten or so minutes post-alarm aren’t very restful. This all means you might be at an artificial time to wake you that’s not in sync with your body rhythm.

How can you change this? Gently adapt your body rhythm. Waking up at the same time every day, paired with getting enough hours of sleep (AKA go to bed early!), holds the key. Osteopathy can also help improve sleep quality and address the root cause of the issue.


 2. Balance your breakfast

When you eat a combination of complex carbohydrates, good fats, and protein, you can ensure that your energy is delivered gradually throughout the day. A more balanced meal will keep you going until midday, but a breakfast of simple carbohydrates will put you in a crash-prone state and make you need sweets a couple of hours later. Need help picking the right products? Our nutritionist Sandra shows us how to read a nutrition label here.


 3. Scan your body to find the cause

Try Bioresonance, a revolutionary treatment which can be used to both diagnose and treat. The scan will identify and sort by order of priority the imbalances in your body (diseases, pathologies, discomforts), identifying almost instantly the root causes of an issue including, viruses, bacteria, parasites, fungus, stones, pinched nerves, energy blockages, hormonal imbalances, food intolerances, allergies, cholesterol, all kind of toxins (heavy metals…), DNA markers, etc. Autumn is a great time to try Bioresonance. Find more about it here.


 4. Supplement correctly

No matter how nutrient-dense your diet is, your body may be lacking in some nutrients, which may explain why you feel exhausted even after a restful night's sleep. A lack of vitamin B12, for instance, can make you feel exhausted. Consult your practitioner to determine which supplements you should take and to find out whether you are lacking in any essential nutrients.


5. Slip in some mid-day strides

One of the healthier strategies to boost energy when you're feeling drained is to sneak in a quick 10-20 minute stroll. Adenosine diphosphate (ADP), an intracellular "messenger" involved in energy metabolism, is frequently in short supply in people who are fatigued. A 2010 study found that spending just 20 minutes outside is sufficient to make you feel more alive. According to another study from 2011, finding time to exercise during the workday can really boost productivity enough to make up for the time spent away from your desk.


6. Don’t let pain stop you

Getting down to the root of your pain is the first step to get you moving again. Osteopathy will do do just that. With gentle manipulation and mobilisation techniques, osteopathic treatment also improves oxygenation and circulation, helping your body optimise organ function, eliminate waste products, and enhance overall energy levels.


7. Master breathing

The right kind of breathing from your diaphragm gets your blood pumping, which may also boost your energy all day long.


8. Get a lymphatic drainage massage

The benefits of lymphatic drainage include strengthening the immune system, better sleep, reduction of swelling in the legs and faster healing. After the massage, many people report feeling a bit tired, followed shortly by a boost of energy that lasts for days. Many people choose to incorporate it to their monthly massages for this great boost of energy. Find out more here.


9. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

Even slight dehydration can make you sleepy. Target to consume more water every day, working your way up to at least 1.5L in a day. You can also supplement. Restore Hydration is a supplement we recommend at our clinics that fast tracks cellular hydration. 


10. Straighten up

Easy one. Simply change your posture! Fatigue might result from slouching. According to studies, sitting up straight with your shoulders back, gaze forward, and lower back slightly arched can boost your energy levels. 

What's more, slumping causes your lungs' room to constrict, decreasing their capacity by up to 30%, meaning that your brain will receive less oxygen. Sit up straight, this may really help your brain operate better and aid in your ability to think more clearly.


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