5 Top Tips for Staying Injury Free in January

5 Top Tips for Staying Injury Free in January

With a new year, and a new decade, comes new year’s resolutions – many of which involve myriad promises to get fit and in shape. Damien Mouellic, Osteopath and Founder of Central Wellness & Stanley Wellness offers some helpful tips and advice, for those sprinting headfirst into new fitness regimes, to help them stay injury-free, increasing the chances of sticking to the resolution longer.

There are dozens of statistics and studies showing that ‘getting fit’ or changing habits to live a more ‘healthy lifestyle’ (including dietary changes) are within the top three resolutions people make each year. But fitness-related resolutions are met equally with statistics of how quickly resolutions are broken. There are a number of reasons why fitness related intentions fail but injury is a common theme. Damien Mouellic suggests that success lies in preparation and offers five tips to help improve chances of staying on track to a healthier and fitter 2020.

1. Hydrating

Damien Mouellic says hydration is key. “During the winter months, people aren’t as hot, so they often forget to drink enough fluids. Joints and muscles are made up of fluid so staying hydrated is especially important”. Mouellic recommends using Restore – a 100% natural hydration concentrate formula that is added to water and rapidly corrects the symptoms of cellular dehydration.  

2. Stretching

Stretching is important but points out that stretching after exercise is more crucial than prior. A gentle warm up is recommended as the best way to start your exercise with a good and thorough stretch afterwards.

3. Magnesium

Magnesium is a natural muscle relaxant and makes the muscles more elastic. Magnesium supplements are an excellent way to create more elasticity in the muscles reducing the risk of strain, tears and other exercise related injuries. 

4. Less sugar

Currently ‘in Vogue’, the keto diet has courted its fair share of debate on both sides. Believers or not, Mouellic suggests that a more keto-based diet is less inflammatory due to less sugar consumption. Sugar is a natural inflammatory ingredient so eating more ‘Keto’, even if not fully engaging in the diet will ease joint pain.

5. More rest

Plenty of rest is essential for recovery and recovery is critical for endurance. It is important to rest between exercise sessions, especially after intense exercise. Avoid blocking intense workouts back to back to allow time for the muscles to recover. Over stressed muscles are more prone to injury so give them time to rest. 

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