Homeopathy for the Digestion and the Mind

Homeopathy for the Digestion and the Mind

Do you frequently suffer from bouts of bloating, reflux, indigestion, constipation or diarrhoea? Is stress or anxiety causing your digestion to play up?

Many of these symptoms can be solved with common sense approaches such as chewing your food thoroughly, eliminating the aggravating foods from you diet once you know what they are, or improving your diet by increasing the amount of fresh fruit, vegetables, and fibre.  Relieving stress by taking regular exercise and not relying on alchohol or drugs to relax. Taking good quality probiotics during and after an acute illness if antibiotics have been prescribed and so on.

However in this blog I am not going to be discussing the merits of special diets nor promoting different vitamins and supplements to maintain your gut health. Here I am simply going to be promoting Homeopathy as a “go to” complementary medicine which will help reset your digestive system enabling your whole physical, emotional and mental being to become more balanced, more energetic and thus enable you to assimilate what you need from a moderate healthy diet.

Take a recent patient’s case as an example of what can be achieved simply using Homeopathy.  I will let Sarah speak for herself!

"Before seeing Mina, I had quite persistent reflux for over 20 years. Symptoms such as feeling bloated, tired, burning feeling in my throat and pains in the stomach that would sometimes bring about vomiting for several hours. It was really getting bad and affecting my quality of life. I had the relevant tests done and was recommended medication to take for a period of 2 months. When I was off the medication I felt worse. My episodes were more frequent and the medication had made other health issues deteriorate. I was frustrated with the options available from my doctor. I wanted to treat this condition in a holistic way.

Since working with Mina, 80% - 90% of my symptoms are gone! Hallelujah! Mina is very detailed and methodical in our sessions. Because of this, she was able to find the right remedy first go. She has been available for questions I had in between sessions, which I really appreciate. It feels so good to be feeling good again!" 

Sarah– Aug 2016 Hong Kong."


Acute or chronic anxiety can play havoc with your digestion too causing alternate symptoms of constipation and diarrhoea, as well as many other symptoms such as palpitations, fainting, lack of sleep, or obsessive compulsive behaviour.

Here are the comments from a gentleman who has lived with Depression for many years and who came to see me when he was at a critical stage of his illness.

“My depression problem started about thirty years ago and it hit me several times.  Every time I consulted my psychiatric doctor, he prescribed me some medicine and I recovered thereafter periodically, but my moods have been fluctuating and fragile.

This illness hit me again last year in great extent due to some big life changes and events.  I saw my psychiatric doctor, but this time the medicine did not help.  One of my friends suggested to me to consult Ms Mina Weight, who is a Registered Homeopath from the UK.  On the first visit Mina did a very thorough investigation on the history of my problem and understanding of my daily practices, then she prescribed a homeopathic remedy to me.  Whenever necessary I emailed and updated her about my condition and she gave me advice on what to do with the remedy.  Mina is very supportive indeed.  My condition gradually improved thereafter without any side effects.  After several visits to her my depression problem was remedied.  I am happy to conclude that homeopathic treatment done by Mina could give me a full recovery and I am very grateful to her.

Finally I would say it is indeed a very good alternative to conventional treatment with drugs and Mina Weight is an expert in dealing with depression problem.”

William Jan 2015


Both Sarah and William were treated with their own individual Homeopathic remedies chosen by taking into account their current symptoms, character, dietary preferences, body temperature, medical history, and lifestyles.

Homeopathic remedies work on deep emotional and mental levels as well as on physical symptoms, quick and gentle in their action, non addictive, without side effects. Moreover they can be taken alongside standard medication since they work on a deeper energy level. The correct Homeopathic medication stimulates the body’s own self healing mechanisms, restoring immunity and improving energy.


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Mina Weight RS Hom (UK) has been practicing Homeopathy in the UK and Hong Kong for over 23 years. Mina is available Wednesday afternoons and Saturdays.


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