How to work more comfortably at home

Increasingly over the past few weeks, almost everyone has found themselves adjusting to a ‘new normal’ amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Moving from busy lives where everyone is constantly on the move, to suddenly spending most of our time at home. With this comes changes like learning to navigate a whole new work-life dynamic as you bring the office into the house. In doing this, it is easy to make a few changes to provide yourself with a set up that is both productive and comfortable.

Simple exercises that can help seniors avoid injury and improve health

Strength, Balance and Flexibility exercises (SBF) can even benefit people with osteoporosis, a serious disease that causes bones to become brittle and weak. Here are some tips from leading experts, including Osteopath Damien Mouellic. Some great ideas to get seniors to work out and feel better, from leading experts, including our Osteopath Damien Mouellic.

Master Hypnotherapist joins Central and Stanley Wellness

Sybille de Klebnikoff Sybille is trained to work on a range of different conditions including smoking cessation, insomnia, personal development, work/life balance, tress, anxiety, panic attacks, depression, phobias, self confidence, weight management, parenting, inability to settle in a relationship and Couples Therapy

Scar Tissue Release

Many of us have scars, from an almost endless variety of causes. It could be from an event so innocuous you never thought of it again, or it could be as a result of an event which was life changing, and remains vividly in your memory.

Top Tips for Staying Flu-Free this Season

With temperatures fluctuating unpredictably, and the flu season upon us, Dr Damien Mouellic & Associates at Central Wellness & Stanley Wellness are encouraging their patients to stay as healthy as possible throughout the winter season.

What is Bowen Therapy?

Bowen Therapy is a gentle therapy which, using a series of rolling-type moves followed by short breaks, aims to stimulate the nervous system to “converse” with different areas of the body.

Physical Development Problems

Like the rest of us, children in Hong Kong are on a very tight schedule. Most have numerous after school activities and often little time to recover from long hours at the desk, carrying heavy school bags, sporting injuries and the increasing use of mobile devices...
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